Season One

Episode Five Preview

Mum of six Susan repairs the damage done to her Breasts from previous Breast Augmentation surgery and also undergoes a full Vagina Reconstruction after giving birth to 6 children. Since childhood Kiara has disliked her nose and feels she does “not feel pretty enough”. But as she enters the operating room she starts to have doubts about having the surgery and how she will feel about her new look. Biker grandmother Deb travels to Thailand for Breast Surgery and a Tummy Tuck to help turn back the clock but finds the pressure of travelling alone to a foreign country hard to handle.

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Featured CosMediTour Clients


Procedure: Breast Revision + Vaginoplasty
Surgeon: Dr Witoon & Dr Mongkol
Hospital: PPSI at Bangkok China Town Hospital


Procedure: Rhinoplasty
Surgeon: Dr. Witoon
Hospital: PPSI at Bangkok China Town Hospital


Procedure: Breast Lift + Augmentation & Tummy Tuck
Surgeon: Dr. Visnu
Hospital: PPSI at Bangkok China Town Hospital

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