Season One

Episode Four Preview

After the extreme weight loss of 64 Kilos patient Lesley wishes to undergo surgery to remove the excess skin. But will this first time traveller be able to cope with undergoing this difficult surgery in Bangkok? Single Mum Suzie has devoted her life to her 2 children but pregnancy has left her with sagging and deflated breasts, she is hoping Breast Surgery will give her back the confidence she once had. Bec who was bullied growing up due to her larger nose is desperate for Rhinoplasty, but will a last minute illness mean she can’t have the surgery she has always dreamt of?

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Featured CosMediTour Clients


Procedure: Breast Lift + Augmentation & Tummy Tuck
Surgeon: Dr. Pornthep
Hospital: The World Medical Center


Procedure: Breast Lift + Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr. Pornthep
Hospital: The World Medical Center


Procedure: Rhinoplasty
Surgeon: Dr. Montien
Hospital: The World Medical Center

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